Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the house on Meljska is Magic at home

Magic Studio owned of Magic Wladimir 

The building on the road MeljskA 5 in Maribor, opposite the bus station, on the outside does not look anything special. Blends in with its surroundings, which passes from the city center in more factory, peripheral image. But the interior of this house is a special place that will in the coming weeks, months, years hosted both budding and already established magicians from around the world.

The room will not only serve workout and lectures, but also presented you and shopping all possible magic tricks, which are essentially free - only instructions must be purchased. Credit for the first real magic shop has Vladimir Mikek artistic name Magic Wladimir, well-known artist or, as he himself says. "a wonderful feeling when you can come back this way some of the magicians, but in a way, to care for the next generation: to be happy says Magic Wladimir and shows his famous vanishing radio…

"When I was 16, I came first time into contact with the literature of magic. These things, I was always very interested in it and in the high school I have found a great public where, as things started to go by themselves: start of its beginnings in told us Mikek, which is a magician way encouraged a sharp criticism of one of the observers - stating that it is not a magic art. "When you're young and inexperienced, you can quickly happen to anyone its thorns and this throws from the track. Over the years, you learn to control such outages, and even if the stinging occurs, our immediate overpass the embarrassing situation.

The first part of his path was not as easy as it is for magicians today. The easier it is mainly due to modern technology gies that over twenty years but has not been around every corner. "It was difficult to make contacts, find people to share with them the experience and secrets. There was no magic shop, where you can buy a money maker or money printer machine. Today we have google J

'Maribor was always the center of magic, even in times of former Yugoslavia,"
said Magic Wladimir, which in 1991 declared the third best magician in the world, which is still the best ranking anyone from this area residents - former Yugoslavia. "At the time I did name, which I was later carried by, in Europe, in America, and Asia. On this account also teaches at various congresses global organizations ¬ magicians."

You can quickly come across those basic skills that are already largely directed it on his own path. If you wish, you can quickly accumulate much-needed experience for which they are masters like Wladimir needs before many years. But still not possible to master everything only in the magic shop. So that, why you need a magic studio J

Studio on Meljska road by the final image presented in the middle of this month, he edited about four years. "I travel a lot and I have a lot of other work, so it took a bit longer. Which is most important: the studio was created without credit, because I wasn't in a hurry. It has enough space for exercise, a stage, where everyone can experience how it is to walk in front of an audience, but is full of all the necessary tools and whatnot that the magicians are very important."
And you can buy a lot of magic props in our magic shop professional.

The fifteenth Magibor
And they have to practice what. over half a year, at 9th November will be in the Narodni dom Maribor International Festival of magical artists, magicians, wizards, magicians, illuzionists and other similar craft masters.

And of course a lot of magic shops with wonderfull props like vanishing radio, money printer machine, card tricks etc… Participation in the festival, which annually attracts a lot of artists in addition to the home, of course, already confirmed magicians from Ukraine, Serbia, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

Wladimir's Magic Studio with the magic shop will also be the venue of the monthly meetings of the club of magicians, which has about 60 members. President is also Vladimir Mikek – Magic Wladimir. On this kind postal meetings to gather all who are close to the magic and have a love for the magic art so far as to you without everyday life can no longer before exhibit. So if you ever really path past the house on the Meljska road what courage crowd into it. anything other than magical not hiding. There is for sure the best Magic Studio with Magic shop in Slovenia. Of course, it is the only one J

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